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We are sad to see you go. If the reason for your cancellation was due to a problem please open a support ticket so that we may have a chance to resolve it. Otherwise, if there is any way we can change your mind into staying please let us know.

As per our Terms of Service which was agreed upon completion of an order please ensure no invoices are due and cancellation request is at least seven (7) business days prior to the product's next due date.

If you are cancelling a service please follow the instructions located under the heading of Service Cancellation. If you are disabling auto renew for a domain please follow the instructions under the heading of Disable Auto Renew of a Domain. If you are unsure which one you have to do then we recommend trying both. Afterwards, please open a support ticket to have us confirm that your requested service has been cancelled and/or domain has auto renew disabled.

Service Cancellation
  1. Login into the Client Area located at
  2. Click on Submit Ticket.
  3. Click on Support.
  4. Appropriately fill out the form; specifying cancellation for your service.
  5. Click on Submit.
  6. Notice, a response by our staff will be made, within twenty four (24) hours of you submitting your support ticket, with further instructions on how to proceed with your requested service cancellation.
Disable Auto Renew of a Domain
  1. Login into the Client Area located at
  2. Click on My Domains.
  3. Click on the button View Details, on the same row for the domain which you are disabling auto renew.
  4. Located under the heading Auto Renew on the new page, click on the button Disable Auto Renew.
  5. Notice the warning message stating this domain has auto renew disabled.

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